How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy Phone to Mac

“I want to get my pics from my Samsung Galaxy S7 to my iMac. While I want a copy of all the photos on my iMac, I do want to retain some on my phone. How do I transfer photos from Samsung to iMac?”

Samsung Galaxy Phones most are equipped with HD camera, by which you can photograph the important moment of your life with high quality pictures. However, high quality at the same time means taking up lots of space on device. Therefore, it is necessary to download photos from Samsung phones and tablets to Mac as a copy and free up space on device by deleting images on device.

backup samsung to mac

If you're searching for a method to upload photos from Samsung device to Mac OS X computer easily and safely, this article can help you because here are the best 3 solutions listed for you.

Compare the Pros and Cons of These 3 Methods

Phone Manager allows you to preview and selectively import and export photos between Samsung and Mac. Besides, you can also use this tool to directly manage your device's pictures on computer, such as adding, deleting, exporting, converting to gif etc. on computer.

Mobile Transfer can backup all your files such as photos, videos, contacts, messages etc. in one click to Mac from Samsung Galaxy phone. It's easy to use.

Android File Transfer is suitable to transfer photos, music, and videos by simply dragging and dropping from Samsung device to Mac OS.

Copy PhotosPhone ManagerMobile TransferAndroid File Transfer
Selective transferyesnoyes
Preview imagesyesnono
One click transfer allyesyesno
iTunes libraryyes (transfer both direction)yes (restore from backup)no
Phone to phone directlyyesyesno
Delete before transferyesnono
Copy FilesNo limitNo limitUp to 4 GB
Supported devicesAndroid 2.0 and laterAndroid 2.0 or laterAndroid 3.0 or later 

Solution 1. Transfer Photos from Samsung Phone to Mac with Phone Manager

Solution 2. Transfer Pictures from Samsung Galaxy to Mac OS with Mobile Transfer

Solution 3. Transfer Photos from Samsung to Mac USB Cable with Android File Transfer

Transfer Photos from Samsung Phone to Mac with Phone Manager

FoneCope Phone Manager not only allows you to copy photos between Samsung phone and Mac computer but also manage your phone's pictures. In addition to photos, you can selectively transfer videos and music between device and Mac OS. Fast and Safe.

download on Win    download on Mac

Step 1. connect Samsung Galaxy phone to Mac with USB

After downloading FoneCope Phone Manager on your Mac OS, double-click the program to install and run it. Secondly, you'll be reminded to connect you Samsung Galaxy S8 to Mac. If successfully connected, the data transfer software can access and recognize your Galaxy phone's model. If this program can't detect your Samsung phone even if you've plugged it into Mac computer already, please ensure that you have enabled USB debugging on your Samsung.

home android mac phone manager

Step 2. transfer photos from Galaxy to Mac selectively

Find “Phone” in the top menu bar and click it, and you'll view all your pictures stored on the Galaxy with different albums, such as Screenshots, Camera, Instagram, and Snapspeed. Now pick up some indispensable photos, click “Export”, and choose “Export to Mac” so that all the selected pictures can be moved to your Mac.

export photos samsung to mac

Note: if you want to transfer all photos in one particular albums on Samasung to Mac, you can just click on an album and right-click to choose property and “Export to Mac”.

Step 3. backup all photos from Samsung to Mac in one click

Pick “Backup Photos to Mac” in the homepage after your Galaxy device is detected and connected to Mac. A pop-up windows will appear and ask you to choose a folder on Mac to save your priceless photos. Click “OK” and you will see this photo transfer software starting copying your images.

1 click backup photos to mac

download on Win    download on Mac

Transfer Pictures from Samsung Galaxy to Mac OS with Mobile Transfer

FoneCope Mobile Transfer can one click backup all your photos from Samsung phone to Mac OS directly. In addition, this phone transfer tool can restore backups from Kies, iTunes, iCloud and so on. Moreover, it also can transfer files like photos, videos, contacts etc. between two phones that run different OS such as iPhone, Android, Windows phone etc. 

download on Win    download on Mac

Step 1. backup your Galaxy S and Note phone to Mac

Firstly download and install FoneCope Mobile Transfer software to Mac. Next, you can run the program and connect you Samsung device to Mac OX computer with a USB cable. And then you can select “Back Up Your Phone” in the user-friendly interface.

mobile transfer select solution

Step 2. choose and transfer photos to Mac from Phone

The files that can be transferred are listed in the middle waiting for you to check and select. Choose “Photos” and hit “Start Transfer” to initiate the transfer. This probably will take you 5-10 minutes. Once finished, you can view your pictures on Mac and free up storage space on Samsung by deleting the photos.

samsung phone photos backup to mac

download on Win    download on Mac

Transfer Photos from Samsung to Mac USB Cable with Android File Transfer

Android File Transfer is a tool allowing you browse and copy files between Samsung phone, tablet, and Mac computer with a USB cable or Google Account.

Step 1. Firstly, download and install Android File Transfer on Mac, and then drag it into "Application".

android file transfer drag into application

Note: this tool only supports Android 3.0 or later and Mac OS X 10.5 or later. You can copy files up to 4GB.

After that, unlock your Samsung device and you'll be required to connect your Samsung phone to Mac with a USB. On your device, please tap the "USB for..." notification and select Transfer files.

android file transfer connect

Step 2. When the transfer tool detects your Samsung device, it's time to check "DCIM" and "Pictures" to find out your photos. 

android file transfer DCIM Pictures

Step 3. You can view the image's name, last modified time, and image size with this tool. Now you can drag and drop your photos directly from Samsung Galaxy phone to Mac computer.

rag pictures from samsung to mac

The Bottom Line

This article tells the best 3 methods to transfer photos from Samsung to Mac in detail with step-by-step guide. And the pros and cons of each solution are discussed above, which can help you choose the method that fits you most. Now copy your Galaxy's pictures to Mac computer for backup now.

Author:Kate  |  TIME:November 29, 2017

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