Solve “Enter Password to Unlock your iPhone Backup” iTunes Issue

iTunes kept prompting me to “enter the password to unlock your iPhone backup” when I tried to restore my iPhone 6 from backup. I tried every password I can think of, but none is correct. Now I have no idea for the iPhone encrypted backup password. I can't remember iPhone backup password. How do I find my iTunes backup password?

iTunes asks me for password to unlock a backup. But what is my iPhone backup password? I think I never set it. How can I fix this iTunes restore password problem?

enter the password to unlock your iphone backup itunes

In addition to restoring iPhone backup, iTunes may ask you to enter the password under these situations, such as change the iPhone backup password, extract backup files or update your iPhone/iPad etc.

If you didn't check the option for an encrypted backup, then you may not remember the unlock iPhone backup password. Besides, iTunes backup password is different from the password you use to login Apple or iCloud account.

What to do if you also meet this "enter the iTunes backup password" troublesome issue? Here you will find some useful tips that can find and crack the password. Now just keep reading to figure it out one by one.

Part 1. Why Does iTunes Ask for a Password to Unlock iPhone Backup?

Part 2. Enter the Password to Unlock your iPhone Encrypted Backup (Can’t Remember)

1. Enter all possible Passwords

2. Change password on PC or use Keychain Access on Mac

3. Try another backup way with iCloud

4. Retrieve iPhone backup password with FoneCope

Part 3. Reset iPhone Backup Password and Make A New Encrypted iTunes Backup

Part 1. Why Does iTunes Ask for a Password to Unlock iPhone Backup

The iTunes backup is encrypted. The password-protected Encrypt backup option has been enabled. After you turn on this function, iTunes will encrypt your backups automatically.

Note: Generally speaking, iTunes won't encrypt your backups by default unless you switch on the option. However, it's not worthy of surprising if iTunes asks for a password to unlock a backup that you never set.

check if encrypted iphone backup

iTunes encrypt backup can lock and encode backup files, aiming to protects your personal information and private data. Once you set the iPhone backup password, you are required to enter the password to unlock your iPhone backup each time.

enter iphone backup files password

Part 2. Enter the Password to Unlock your iPhone Encrypted Backup (Can’t Remember)

If you really forgot or can't remember iphone backup password, or even didn't set the password, and try various passwords again and again, iTunes will keep telling you “The password you entered to unlock your iPhone backup was incorrect. Please try again.” Then, how to fix this “password to unlock your iPhone backup” issue?

Method 1. Enter These Possible Passwords to Unlock your iPhone Backup

Firstly, try all the passwords that can possibly unencrypt the iTunes encrypted backups.

  • Your iTunes Store or Apple ID password.

  • The Windows Administrator password.

  • Some special numbers like birthdays or anniversaries.

  • Common numbers and default itunes backup password like 123456, 0000, 1111, etc.

  • Blank Password.

  • Ask your families and boyfriend/girlfriend.

try all the possible iphone backup password

Method 2. Fix “Enter Password to Unlock Your iPhone Backup File” on PC/Mac

Way 1. Change your iTunes password on Windows computer

For Windows users, you are recommended to change your iTunes password on your account to access the iTunes Store regain. Then try the old password and the newly set password on the backup password dialogue.

Way 2. Use Keychain Access to show iTunes backup password on Mac

For Mac users, your backup password may be stored in your macOS keychain, so you can try to look for your iPhone backup password in the Mac keychain:

Step 1. Open the app called Keychain Access from Applications/Utilities. Or you can search keychain in the spotlight to find the program.

keychain access spotlight

Step 2. Choose "All Items" in the Categories.

keychain access all items

Step 3. In the upper-right corner, enter iPhone to search.

search keychain access

Step 4. Click the “Application Password” named “iPhone Backup” and select “Show Password” to see the password. Besides, the system may ask you to enter the macOS password to get the permission to see the backup password.

show iPhone backup password

Method 3. Try another backup way with iCloud

If you are used to backup data with iCloud, then the iCloud backup should contain the data you need. So, you don't to find your iTunes backup password back. Just use the Apple ID and log into iCloud to access the backup files.

Method 4. Retrieve iTunes Backup Password and Unlock iPhone Backup with FoneCope

If all the above methods can’t fix your problem, then you can use this effective itunes encrypted backup password recovery tool to find your iPhone backup password. Now just try to unlock your iPhone backup with the help of “iTunes Password Refixer”.

Step 1. Download the FoneCope iTunes Password Refixer on your PC/Mac, then install and launch it.

download for win download for mac

Step 2. On the toolbar, click “Open” button. Then the program will automatically detect your iTunes backup file. You only need to choose the file and hit “OK” to import your iTunes backup file.

open and import iTunes backup file

Step 3. On the upper-right corner, under “Type of attack” you'll see 4 types that can find iTunes backup password, including Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary, and Smart. Then you need to choose one type from the drop-down box according to your iPhone backup password requirements.

Brute-force and Smart attack is good for you if you forgot the password for your iPhone backup completely.

Choose Brute-force attack if you still remember what kind of characters are used in your password, like All Capitalized.

brute-force attact to find password

For Smart attack, you can just use the default setting.

smart attack to find password

Mask and Dictionary attack is good for you if you can remember part of your iPhone backup password. 

Mask attack: For example, your 6 digits password begins with 5. Then you can choose Mask attack and tic "All digits (0-9)" and type "5?????" in the Mask box.

mask attack to find password

For Dictionary attack, you need to list all the possible password with various combinations in a TXT file.

create password list dictionary

And then "Select Dictionary" and try all the password you've created.

dictionary attack to find password

Step 4. After that, click the Start icon on the toolbar. This iPhone backup password unlocker software will immediately start finding your iTunes backup password.

start to discover iTunes backup password

Step 5. Wait a few minutes, and the program will discover your iPhone backup password with fast speed. At last, you can use the "iTunes File Password" to unlock your iTunes encrypted backup file.

find and crack your iphone backup password

Part 3. Reset iPhone Backup Password and Make A New Encrypted iTunes Backup

Still can't find your password for the encrypted iPhone backup? Alright. Life must move on. The last option, make a new encrypted backup of your iPhone by resetting your iPhone. This allows you to use iTunes' backup and restore function again.

The previous encrypted iPhone backup file still won't be able to restore. But at least you can make a new backup with iTunes and then go from there. (Compatible with iOS 11 or later)

This won’t affect your user data or passwords, but setting like WiFi passwords, wallpaper, and Home screen layout would be erased.

Step 1. Tap Settings > General > Reset on your iPhone/iPad.

Step 2. Tap Reset All Settings, and then enter your iOS passcode.

Step 3. After resetting your devices, you can connect your device to iTunes on computer, and create a new encrypted backup from now. Or you can turn off encrypt iPhone backup option.

To conclude:

For iPhone/iPad running on iOS 10 or earlier, you can backup your iOS device to iCloud. But if you want to backup and restore iPhone without iTunes, you can try iTunes Alternative - iPhone Transfer Software.

The Bottom Line

After reading through this article, you will know how to find your iTunes encrypted iPhone backup file's password so that you can solve the“enter the password to unlock your iPhone backup” issue. Either you can discover the password with memory, Keychain Access, and FoneCope iTunes Password Refixer software, or use iCloud or iTunes to make a new backup for your current data on iPhone/iPad.

Personally, if you want to save the iPhone backup files on your computer, it is recommended you don’t encrypt it because there will be some risk. In other words, that’s probably why Apple also sets iTunes not to encrypt by default. So, don’t select the “Encrypt Local Backup” option unless you have to back up your device on a shared computer.

Author:Daniel  |  TIME:February 11, 2018

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